1,095: LACMA, Donation Process / 2010

1,095: One Year’s Worth of Other People’s Plate, donation process. 2010

In conjunction with Let Them Eat LACMA. curated by Fallen Fruit, LACMA, Los Angeles, CA

Part of Fallen Fruit’s Let Them Eat LACMA on Sunday November 7th, 2010

LA artist Bari Ziperstein invited the public to contribute their dinner plates to 1,095: One Years Worth of Other People’s Plates—a temporary, interactive three-dimensional installation of one year’s worth of other people’s plates in the shape of a mandala – 1,095 is part swap meet, part sculpture. Plates collected via social networking were redistributed back to donators in the amount of their original donation. Ziperstein’s sculpture-in-flux provided a point of convergence where ordinary objects were temporarily transformed before returning to their everyday status. Though a fleeting sculpture, the project lives on in the homes of those who participated. 3 MEALS A DAY X 365 DAYS = 1,095 PLATES