Mapping History: workshops / 2012


MAPPING HISTORY: workshops / 2012

Artist in Resident Exhibition. Mapping History: A Collaborative Project with Marlborough School Art Students. Seaver Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Funded by Philip and Muriel Berman Foundation.

Mapping Histories was Ziperstein’s year-long collaboration with five Marlborough Visual Arts classes that utilized Marlborough 125 year old archival imagery to produce projects related to the past, present, and future of Marlborough and the city of Los Angeles. The work produced by students and Ziperstein is installed on top of her site-specific colored tape installation, which maps the architectural history of the site and complements the layered history of Marlborough School.

Participating Classes:

Fall Semester:
•Introduction to Digital Arts, Instructor: Joshua Deu
•Intermediate Drawing & Painting, Instructor: Kathy Rea
•Beginning Sculpture, Instructor: Gina Woodruff

Spring Semester:
•Art Concepts, Instructor: Chelsea Dean
•Architecture, Instructor: Kathy Rea

Special thanks to:
•Peter Chinnici, Marlborough Archivist
•Liz Anderson of DGS