Pot Shop Exhibition


Celebrating vessels in all forms; functional, sculptural, and as well as two-dimensional, this group show explores the subject of pots merging the mediums of potters and painters, from East Coast to West Coast, and some places in between.
This group of artists will be exhibiting ceramic pots, porcelain pots, plants in pots, and paintings of pots in a variety of disciplines and styles.
Isa Beniston (LA)
Dan Collins (Carlsbad)
Juliana Collins (Carlsbad)
Andy Dixon (Vancouver)
Dry Spells (SF)
Joe Garvey (BK)
Jessica Hans (Philadelphia)
Patrick Johnston (Venice)
Sarah Kersten (Berkeley)
Rami Kim (LA)
Landon Metz (NY)
Dean Roper (KC)
Saint Karen (BK)
Charlie Satterlee (TX)
Alessandro Simonetti (NY)
Bari Ziperstein (LA)