Link to full article on Design Sponge. // Feb 2016

The things we love find their way into our homes. My own home is filled with stacks of interior design magazines. For acclaimed fine artist and designer Bari Ziperstein, it’s handmade ceramic pieces that bring personality and life to her space. Her award-winning work isn’t just for the gallery — it is beautifully and playfully displayed in her home.

Bari and David Eaves, an electrical engineer for an aerospace company, picked their apartment four years ago for the age-old priority — location, location, location. Their Mid-City West neighborhood in Los Angeles, CA fits their work lives and family lives almost perfectly. “Our apartment is halfway between both of our jobs; we needed a place where we both reverse commute against Los Angeles traffic,” Bari says. “David commutes to the west side by the airport and I commute to my east side ceramic studio in Glassel Park. Almost every weekend we walk three blocks to LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art). Not having a large backyard is fine, as LACMA is where our son Lawrence learned to walk and it’s his own giant county park.” Ideal location aside, the pieces in the family’s home have been collected, curated and considered over the last four years. There is art in almost every corner of the house and it brings a lively spirit to the space.

Creating their home was a learning experience for Bari and David. “Our current home was our first fresh place together as a couple,” Bari says. “Combining our tastes and sentimental objects was challenging. The artist and the engineer, it’s just as you imagine — lots of ceramic objects, art books, sci-fi figurines, and video games. You really get to know someone when you spend hours packing up their junk drawer, seeing the shelves deep in their closets, and the reality of how many shoes I have. We wanted to create a welcoming space that was relaxed, colorful, and a child-friendly home that still has a nod to our design and quirky interests.” That is exactly what they have achieved, and it is abundantly apparent that the sweet people and objects in this home are treasured. –Lauren

Photography by Bari Ziperstein