Wagley, Catherine. ‘Five Artsy Things to Do This Week,’ LA Weekly, September 12, 2012

5. Paper girls in a dress shop

In Satine Boutique on Third Street, artist Bari Ziperstein’s 3-D girl made of newspaper-colored paper is doing an arabesque on a table covered with designer shoes. Another paper girl perches on a cabinet and Ziperstein has stretched colored tape along the walls and floor. The tape outlines the layout of Satine’s new Abbot Kinney store, but you don’t need to know that; you can just appreciate the geometric divisions it cuts across the room. Independent curator Emma Gray organized the show, connecting Ziperstein with Jeannie Lee, who runs Satine. The effect of the art in and around the merchandise isn’t earth-shattering — but once you know it’s there, you pay just a little more attention to everything you look at. 8134 W. Third St.; through October.