Furniture Combines at Sealine Gallery

Pacific Design Center // 2009






In PERK, 2009, at Seeline Gallery in the Pacific Design Center, Ziperstein created a site-specific installation that transformed an empty design showroom into an uncanny quintessential model domestic space. Influenced by found objects, the exhibition featured a collection of handmade altered slip cast ceramic sculptures displayed in conjunction with reconstructed domestic furniture. Ziperstein is known for re-assembling once functional domestic objects and creating tableaux that waver between the fantastically absurd and the uncomfortably commonplace. In varied ways, her work engages in our time directly, mining the sites of Los Angeles local thrift stores and design stores, to create uncanny visual choices that address current and precarious relationships between domestic spaces and economies by exploring specific ideas of place. This work used the domestic end tables, ceramic figurines, and lamps themselves as a way to mutate and collide with out relying on the host of architecture as a support. The politics of space were highlighted when she offered an alternative to the proffered lifestyles that the surrounding showrooms at the Pacific Design Center display.