Zippy’s Nicknacks, Tonics, & Magical Gadgets // 2010 – 2011

Santa Monica Museum of Art






Wall Works: Zippy’s Nicknacks, Tonics, & Magical Gadgets. 2010 – 2011

Santa Monica Museum of Art, Santa Monica, CA
Organized by Asuka Hisa, director of education at the SMMoA (Santa Monica Museum of Art)

Santa Monica Museum’s biannual Wall Works program paired Ziperstein with four hundred K-12th grade kids to transform an ordinary hallway into a site-specific installation of an imaginary store called Zippy’s Nicknacks, Tonics, and Magical Gadgets. Through Ziperstein’s curriculum, the project involved students in collaborative art-making projects that featured their sculptures in a three-month exhibition at SMMoA. The project design was executed in collaboration with St Paul, MN based architect Wade Ziperstein.